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An anaerobic process is a beautiful and simple natural occurrence. With the absence of oxygen waste is converted to biogas and only a small amount of sludge. But as in most cases, a human synthesis of a natural process … Read More »


TailTec is a Leeuwarden-based new spin-out company from Wetsus. TailTec develops technologies to convert safe byproducts (for example from food industries) into small freshwater worms by means of energy- and … Read More »


Biotrack is specialized in the design, development and supply of analytical instruments and technologies for rapid detection of biological and toxic contaminants in water, food, liquids, solids and industrial process … Read More »


12/13: Biotrack nominated for Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award

During the Aquatech last november Gerard Schouten pitched for the Water Alliance Innovation … Read More »

10/13: Erwin Frijling Best Practice Supervisor 2013!

Erwin Frijling, Product Manager and Practice Supervisor at Biotrack was named Best Practice … Read More »

09/13: Bacteria detector: an amazing discovery!

As long as you can find a hole in the market it is always possible to start a successful business. … Read More »

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