14th of June: Meeting ‘Mannen van de WIT’; Water & Energy

The ‘Mannen van de WIT’ are organizing a meeting about Water and Energy under the Innovation Programme Water Technology on Tuesday the 14th of June 2011.

During this meeting, which is being held at the sewage treatment plant at Apeldoorn, experts who work at water properties, in the energy sector, at technology companies and within the waste treatment, will give their views on the theme Water and Energy. Douwe Jan Tilkema of Water Properties Veluwe gives a presentation about the Energy Factory. Marco Kwak from Attero speaks about a vision on water, energy and waste streams. Other speakers are Luchien Luning of Ecofys and Sybrand Metz of Technological Top Institute Water Technology Wetsus. The program starts with a reception and informal lunch at 12.30h. The presentations start at 13.00h. After a short break, a panel discussion will be held and the program ends with a visit to the innovative industrial fermentation installation and the water purification installation of the sewage treatment plant at Apeldoorn and drinks afterwards.