08/13: Results from AQANA INDOOR Pilot plant

The Netherlands – During the first six months of 2013 AQANA’s pilot plant has been fully booked for testing. Waste water has been brought to the our research facility for testing under extensive lab and personal control. Some surprising differences between DACS and established systems have been confirmed as added value to this new solution […]

08/13: Treating distillery effluent

The Netherlands – AQANA has been testing distillery effluent at its research facility in Sneek. Due to the composition of the wastewater, all other established anaerobic systems need complex and expensive pretreatment. DACS has proven its potential to convert organic solids parallel to dissolved materials, in a stable anaerobic process. AQANA will provides a simpler […]

07/13: Engineering order for DACS/MBBR in potato industry

A BOOT contractor has granted AQANA the order for an unique large scale DACS/MBBR treatment plant for a potato factory. This DACS/MBBR has to be “mobile” to be able to move to another location within a few years.

07/13: Integrating DACS in an Italian paper mill

Italy – AQANA’s industrial pilot has been moved to a second Italian paper mill. Similar to the first mill, this client want’s to improve performance and economy of his effluent treatment. Due to high Calcium contents of up to 600 mg/l, the pilot has been reconfigured.

07/13: First order for a full scale DACS in pulp and paper

Italy – Based on the successful pilot results AQANA gets the first order for a DACS in the pulp and paper industry. The plant will be realized inside the existing concrete MBBR Tank. Erection of DACS will take place in spring of 2014.

06/13: AQANA DACS and Aqwise MBBR in an Italian paper mill

Italy – AQANA finalized a successful pilot trial with its industrial scale pilot in an Italian paper mill. It has been shown that the combination of DACS and MBBR can reach significant lower effluent values than the existing MBBR. This allows the client to improve the water circuit and its energy balance.

05/13: Direct biomethane from DACS AQANA

The Netherlands – Based on field measurements in the large scale pilots in Germany and Italy, it has been proven that DACS is able to produce biogas with very high methane concentration. This is due to its Downflow concept. During a pilot test in our research facility, it has been proven that DACS can covert organic […]

02/13: Finishing pilot test AQANA in potato factory

GERMANY – AQANA has finished a very successful pilot test with its large scale pilot plant in a potato factory. Beside excellent conversion of dissolved COD it has shown that also large amounts of solids can be converted into biogas without disturbing the process of conversion of dissolved COD.

01/2013: Environmental permit in Germany for Aqana

  AQANA gets the environmental permit for erection of the first DANA plant at a German potato factory. At this moment final details are completed by the client before the execution fase will start.   Source: www.aqana.com, January 2013

02/2012: Aqana winner of the WIT-award!

‘An innovation project that from a healthy ambition has become a full fledged product with high international potential.’ With this words from the jury report Aqana and her DANA-technology became the winner of the WIT-award.   Three innovative projects, Aqana, Water Insight with the WISP-3 and the IRIS project of Hellebrekers Technieken and Capilix were […]