06/13: Biotrack received designation for approved apprenticeship laboratory techniques

Biotrack has received the designation for approved apprenticeship for laboratory techniques by the Knowledge Centre for Vocational Education in the Process Technology, Operational Technology, Media and Laboratory Technology. This designation covers approved apprenticeship for different courses: Biotechnology analyst Chemical-physical analyst Microbiological analyst Middle management biological laboratory technique Middle management chemical laboratory technique   Source: www.biotrack.nl

06/13: Launch of the new Salttech website!

  The new website of Salttech is launched! Please take a look at their new website: www.salttech.com

05/13: Direct biomethane from DACS AQANA

The Netherlands – Based on field measurements in the large scale pilots in Germany and Italy, it has been proven that DACS is able to produce biogas with very high methane concentration. This is due to its Downflow concept. During a pilot test in our research facility, it has been proven that DACS can covert organic […]

05/13: Ozone, light and sound destroy bacteria in hospitals

The Antonius hospital in Sneek starts a trial to purify its waste water from bacteria on short notice. In one cylinder ozone  and high frequency alternating current are used, in the other cilinder UV light and ultrasound. Both methods ensure that multi-resistant bacteria are killed. ‘With these technologies we save 30% on energy. Additional positive […]

04/13: Biotrack at Watertech 2013 in Fairmont Banff Springs

Biotrack joined a trade mission to Canada, together with Water Alliance and organized by Netherlands Trade Office in Edmonton, Canada. During this trip, Biotrack presented itself on the Watertech 2013 in Fairmont Banff Springs (http://www.esaa-events.com/watertech/).

03/13: Construction of new laboratories for Biotrack on schedule

The new facilities that will allow Biotrack to further expand out micro biological services is under construction. The construction is going along very well and it is expected that Biotrack can move into their new lab facilities in April 2013. The ultra-modern facilities in the Water Application Centrum contain all the state of the art […]

03/13: Unlimited entrepreneurship within water technology

Many Frisian and Groninger companies are entrepreneuring abroad. Deutsche Bank and the NDC Mediagroep are organizing a seminar about this subject. Prior to this seminar, several entrepreneurs within the water technology sector are interviewed. In this article, Gerard Schouten of Westt responds to the theorem: ‘Dutch companies within the water technology sector must work together […]

02/13: Biotrack has joined as a member of the Water Alliance

North Netherlands region offers the largest concentration of laboratory and application labs, test- and demonstration sites for innovative water technology in Europe. This will accelerate the introduction of new technology and help start up new companies and make existing companies grow. The Water Alliance is a network organisation that acts both as an official platform for exchanging and coordinating information and for informal consultation about […]

02/13: Finishing pilot test AQANA in potato factory

GERMANY – AQANA has finished a very successful pilot test with its large scale pilot plant in a potato factory. Beside excellent conversion of dissolved COD it has shown that also large amounts of solids can be converted into biogas without disturbing the process of conversion of dissolved COD.

01/2013: Environmental permit in Germany for Aqana

  AQANA gets the environmental permit for erection of the first DANA plant at a German potato factory. At this moment final details are completed by the client before the execution fase will start.   Source: www.aqana.com, January 2013