DWT Group

Dutch Water TechnologiesThe Dutch Water Technologies Group (DWT Group) is a cluster of companies which are highly specialized in various aspects of water technology. Each DWT company has their own proprietary knowledge and processes but all have features in common including:

1. All are active in the water sector

2. All specialize in break-through technology

3. All are internationally active

The companies of the DWT Group (Aqana, Salttech and Biotrack) adhere to the principals of creating and deploying environmentally friendly technologies that generate high value-add for our customers and the users of these technologies, all the while effectively mitigating existing environmental challenges inherent in their use at the local level.


The Westt-concept within the DWT Group

Dutch Water Technologies was founded on initiatives that where developed and incubated within Westt. Westt is still actively involved in all aspects of the further growth of the companies within the DWT Group.