Pure Green BV

Pure GreenTogether with technology partners, Pure Green develops high-tech units for the production of radicals. The products are based on a high voltage and electrode technology for the production of ozone and radicals. This technology is excellently suited for the disinfection of water or processes where specific radicals are needed, so applications of the technology can be found in the markets for drinking water, recreational water, industrial water and chemical processes. Because the company is very young, the realization of the product, marketing and business concept is at the end of the initial phase. For more information: info@puregreen.nl

The Westt-concept within Pure GreenPure Green

Westt operates as a leading partner in Pure Green. The company Pure Green exists since 2009. Pure Green already secured its first partner for the introduction of its technology in a international market. Pure Green is currently diversifying the product portfolio to serve multiple market niches in the water sector.